• Payroll Services

  • Assist with Payroll / Employment related compliance filing eg. IR8A / IR21 Filing

  • CPF Registration & Monthly Submissions

  • Other Employer Obligations eg. NSPay Claims

  • Operating Bank Accounts, Administering Payments, Issuing Invoices & Preparing Trade Documents

  • Submissions of TTs and other Banking / Treasury Services

  • Applications for Online and other Banking Facilities

  • GST Registration & Quarterly Filing of GST Returns

  • Employment Pass / Work Pass Application

  • General Administration and other aspects of Business Applications eg. SBF Exemption

  • Business Process Outsourcing Services

    While you are tied down with corporate planning and devising strategies / marketing techniques to improve your business, you may find it more beneficial to look for an independent party, who can attend to the various aspects of documentation and administration on your behalf. Seeking trained professionals outside the organisation not only frees you to run your business better, you will not have to worry about finding suitable employees to fit the tasks, and having to monitor their performance thereafter.

    ACS can assist you in all aspects of establishing, managing and operating your business in Singapore. Our staff are well trained to co-ordinate / co-operate with you to carry out your instructions, so as to ensure your business objectives are met. And as your business evolves and grows, we will strive to tailor our services to meet your changing requirements.

    Our Business Process Outsourcing Services encompass: